The folks over at Unseen64, a site specializing in beta and unreleased video games, have uncovered a previously unheard-of Mario sports game of the name, Super Mario Spikers.

The title was being developed by Next Level Games Inc. of Punch Out!! Wii fame and was planned to be a volleyball game much in the vein of another product of theirs, Mario Strikers Charged. Like that game, it was set to be a very physical interpretation of the sport; even blending in some elements of wrestling. It is reasonable to assume this particular choice in direction was influenced by the company's past experiences, as the company was responsible not only for a Mario football game, but also for a canceled WWE title, Titans, which was being made for Xbox and PS2.

The project began in 2007, shortly after the release of Strikers Charged on the Wii, and was intended to become the next entry to the Mario sports series. Still largely in the conceptual phases at the time, not long after it had started, the planned Wii game failed to receive the green light from Nintendo and was dropped altogether. Next Level instead went on to create Punch Out!! for the tech giant, roughly a year later.

Little else is known about Super Mario Spikers, aside from what we can see from the concept video below:

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